Island Camping In Hyderabad

Island camping is a fun and exciting way to spend a vacation away from city life. Camping under the open sky, with bonfire and lift music, barbeque food and water on all sides offer a perfect seclusion and tranquil much needed after months long of hard working life. Usually a small boat takes you to the island camping site and drops you there to cherish the peace and admire the beauty of the nature. River camping has a unique punch of thrill and adventure.

There are many places in Hyderabad like Laknavaram which offers the great experience of island camping. Freakouts Adventures is well resourced adventure travel group which helps adventure freaks to plan and organize adventure trips to the best locations in India. Freakouts Adventures add a spice to your trip by introducing team building adventure sports and activities to the group, making the vacation more fun and expecting. Freakouts Adventures have tie up with various adventure island camping sites in India.  You can freely enjoy the beauty of the tranquil serenity of the unspoiled nature with ease as Freakouts skilled team plans everything for you. On reaching the site, a boat drops you to the location with all necessary equipment like food, tents etc. and a guide is always a call away to cater to any need you have.  The seasonal waterfalls nearby adds to the beauty while you are on island camping. You can take a stroll to the jungle, appreciating the natural magnificence and the dense forests. You can relish the sunrise and sunset with the cold swift breezes. After a beautiful Barbeque meal near the bonfire you can lie down to watch the starry sky with the music of the water tides.

Island Camping In Hyderabad Details

Talking about the Laknavaram Cheruvu, the place is well connected with a handing bridge and scatters down to 13 islands. The place has turned to a major tourist spot on the Shore of Ramappa Lake. People can appreciate boating and water rollers here. Kayaking is also most loved activity of the place. At night, the place turns to a real natural beauty with the sounds of water all around. Clear night sky, visible striking constellations, bonfire and munchies to eat outside a tent… that’s the real exquisiteness of the place.

There are many other such notable island camping sites in and around Hyderabad which will adds to your most cherished lifetime memories. Adventure sports and activities are exhilarating and stirring.  They spice up your vacation by rushing your adrenaline level high making you feel passionate about the vacation. Island camping is the most beautiful experience one can have on a weekend getaway.

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