Camping in Different Weathers

  1. Do you know what is the most awesome part of being a camper? You never give a heck about the weather! Whether it is the rude sun shining on top of your head, melting you down like a lit candle or the harsh snow trying to push you with its chilly winds – you, the camper, are not affected by the climate around you, when you are all prepared to camp!
    But you can’t remain unaffected for a long period of time, unless you prepare yourself to camp in all the weathers all throughout the year.
    So how do you prepare yourself? By reading and using the tips mentioned below:
    1) Keep an eye on weather forecast: It doesn’t matter in which weather you are planning to camp on which site, all you have to do is take a look at the forecast first in order to stay safe.
    2) Ensure that your camping equipment is perfect and strong in condition: You have to make sure that the camping equipment is strong and proper so that you don’t face difficulties while camping.
    3) Beware of lightning: Lightning can be quite dangerous; try to keep yourself right inside your tent or stay inside your car when you notice thundering and lightning.
    4) Stay away from areas that have heavy rains and floods: There are areas that are prone to flooding during heavy rains; keep yourself away from such areas if you don’t wish to put your life in danger. Seeking adventure is good, but safety is important as well.
    5) Don’t be around tall objects during rains: Tall objects can cause problems during rains as they can fall down on your tent. Place your tent away from such objects.
    6) Stay hydrated if you camp during summers; it can kill you, otherwise: While camping during summers, carry water or ensure that there is proper water supply on the site.
    7) Put your tent under a shade to not get burnt by the rays of the sun: You need to put the tent under a proper shade so that you are protected from direct rays of the sun. Direct rays can be extremely harmful to your skin and health.
    8) Carry light colored clothes while camping during summers: While camping during summers, there is no point in carrying dark colored clothes. You have to ensure that you have a bag full of light colored clothes that can let you survive the ugly temperature on the site you are going to.
    9) Carry proper warm clothes if you are planning to camp during winters: If you are camping during winters, carry warm clothes to ensure that you stay alive in snow. Don’t forget to carry moisturizing lotion to take care of your skin, as well.
    10) Stock food in all the weathers: No matter what weather it is, you have to be sure about the food that you carry with you. Even if the campsite is providing you with food, keep a few packets of biscuits in your bag.

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