All You Need to Know About Camping!

Don’t you feel sick of spending every single day the same way? Aren’t you thirsty for adventure? Don’t you want to do something different before you hit the grave? Do you want to regret not exploring different campsites when you are in a white sheeted bed after 30-40 years?

For all the adventure lovers – camping is the word that means the world. No matter what kind of a person you are, if you like camping, you have a hunger for wild nature, the blossoming flowers, fresh leaves of different shades of green and all the landscapes designed by the hands of the Creator.

But what is camping all about? How did it start? What are the different types of camping?

We will answer your question one by one.

What is camping?

Camping is nothing, but a wonderful adventurous activity of spending a few days in a tent; you are not exposed to the crowded life that you, otherwise, spend in your city; you are not exposed to the work environment that you have to bear every single day. All you do is live a simple, yet challengingly exciting, life in the tent, prepare your own food (or consume the local food provided by the campsite owner) and get the best break from your monotonous life.

Those who like camping find it amazing to stay close to the nature, since there are hundreds of things to explore.

Now the big question is – how did camping start?

Here’s a brief history of camping:

Camping was started by a British travelling tailor named Thomas Hiram Holding. However, the concept gained popularity on the river Thames in the United Kingdom. A huge number of visitors volunteered to pass their time camping in the 1880s; since the equipment was quite heavy during those times, it was transported with the help of a boat or craft. After bringing it to the port, it was converted into a tent where people could stay and enjoy their time, relaxing and taking a break from the city life.

Now that you know about the history of camping, here is a detailed list of different types of camping:

  • Adventure camping – campers race during the day time and camp during the night time.
  • Canoe Camping – canoes are involved in this type of camping.
  • Dry Camping – no water source is involved in this.
  • Bicycle Camping – it involves a bicycle.
  • Backpacking – people wander from one place to another with their backpacks.
  • Car Camping – it involves a vehicle.
  • Reenactment Camping – people enjoy going ‘back in history’ and using old equipment to survive in their activity of camping.
  • Glamping – it is the most luxurious camping campers ever do.
  • Survivalist Camping – campers learn skills to survive in the extreme camping conditions.
  • Social Camping – a lot of people go together to enjoy company.
  • Work Camping – people work on campsites to get discounts on the utilities and fees of different campsites.
  • Urban Camping – it is a non-recreational camping held for protesting something that the crowd does not agree with.
  • Winter Camping – done during winters in the snowy lands or snow-covered mountains.

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